The Aftershow with Mike and Kelly

Talking Project Tapestry with The Iconfactory's Ged Maheux

Episode Summary

Yet another special guest, and a particularly special one at that! Longtime friend of the show & frequent flyer on the TUAW Talkcast Gedeon Maheux joins Mike & Kelly to talk about new projects including Project Tapestry, now on Kickstarter.

Episode Notes

Kelly & Mike are thrilled to welcome Ged Maheux of The Iconfactory to our fun time podcast party. Ged and his colleagues are kickstarting a new app, Project Tapestry, which aims to be "a universal timeline for the Internet." Since we recorded last week, the project has reached and passed its original funding goal — which means it's time to stretch, so limber up those credit cards and hie yourself over to the project page on Kickstarter.